Catering With Imagination


    The food was delicious!  Everyone was raving about how tasty and wonderful it was.  Thank you for helping to make our holiday luncheon  very memorable!

    Thank you,

    Colette, PMP | PMO
    PG&E Academy
    The power of learning

    Thank you for your services! Everyone enjoyed the breakfast food and treats. We really appreciate
    you going the extra step by providing the table cloths. We will for sure recommend you to our
    fellow neighbors and friends. Thanks again! J
    Esther Gonzalez-White| Assistant Business Manager
    Cottonwood Apartments

    I have not had time to tell you what a big hit your food was.  I hope to be able to use your service
    in the future.
    It's getting harder for me to do all of the cooking, hosting and cleaning.  You took much of that

    Everyone was impressed with your presentation and of course the taste!

    Thank you so much. You Rock!


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 Thank YOU so much.  The food was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the nice variety we
chose.  Our group ended up to be around 55 some yes's didn't show up at the last minute and, of
course, we had allowed for extras.  We had lots of left overs.

    My son worked for Teen Challenge in Ceres, a Christian Men's Restoration Home, so he took the
    left overs to the guys.  They LOVED the food it was such a treat.

    What a great job you both did.  The party was a Great Success and Dave was REALLY surprised.

    Thank you again,  Send me some business cards and I'll post them at the Club House.


    You surely can use our name as a reference if you need it, anytime.

Subject: Re: May 5th Tea

       I don't know if Cheri has responded yet  or not. I was actually able to sit down and enjoy the whole time since the Youth were the servers, etc. Usually it is my committee who does the work.
    What a treat! The presentation was lovely, the teas delightful, and the sandwiches and treats
    were awesome! I totally blew my diet and had to taste EVERYTHING! It was very worth it though!
       Thank you for doing another terrific job!

    My daughter shared with us at dinner today that at her Girl Scout meeting
    she met some caterers that spell their name like a 'seasoning' not  'time' like the clock.
    I knew exactly who she was talking about!!

    So just wanted to say Thank You for sharing your knowledge with the kids!! They had a great time!
    Making time for our meeting today was very kind of both of  you!

    Take care! See you around-


From Art Gallery in Tracy - "Everything was perfect, I couldn't have been more pleased!"

From City of Tracy - "Thank you, the food was wonderful.  You are an asset to our community!"

 "Thank you so much for everything you did for the wedding.  All the families were very
impressed, and said if you ever need a reference, just let them know!" - Kathy

"From the moment Thyme to Eat arrived, they were on top of everything. Not only were they kind,
helpful and professional; but they know the drill when catering a wedding and making sure the
bride and groom need not worry about a thing. These two had everything in control and not a
single thing slipped past them.
    All of our guests raved about the delicious food and how great our caterers were in taking care of
    their needs, keeping things tidy and cleaned up etc. My husband and I were thrilled with Brianna
    and Monk and the menu that Marie and Keith prepared. Our evening flowed so smoothly, without
    a single hiccup and this was largely due to such professional caterers. In fact, my husband said
    "I can't wait to host another party so we can hire them again!"

    Thank you Marie and Keith for helping to make our wedding day perfect and beautiful. You all
    were wonderful and we are still singing your praises!!"

    Lisa and James

I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to meet with
out Girl Scout troop.
    I am sure there are plenty of other things that you could be doing, than spending the afternoon
    with 4th graders.
    The girls really enjoyed the stuffed date ramaki. Thanks again for everything.


I'm so thankful for the yummy food you guys provided! Everyone enjoyed the evening!!

    See you at cinco de mayo!!

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    The event went beautifully and the food was a hit! Thanks again for working with us and on rather
    short notice. You are an asset to the community.

    Best until next time,
    Grand Theatre Center for the Arts
    (209) 831-6273


    It was delicious and extremely well received!  Thank you very much!   A few people were surprised at the idea of "pumpkin" mousse, but one bite made them into fans!  Almost everybody
    came back for seconds.  Thank you, also, for the "trick-or-treat" goodies!  That made people

    Thank you so very much.  Not only for the wonderful dessert, but also for being so dependable
    and reliable.  Despite personal concerns, you came through for us, and that is very much

    There was enough left for the library staff to enjoy today.  I think they kind of expect to find treats in
    the 'fridge the day after our jazz concerts!  I also left some of your brochures and cards lying
    around for them.  You never know...

    Thanks, again.


Thyme to Eat are really the best!  They had put together a wonderful meal with all the fixings for a
get together I was hosting.  They were more than generous with the food.  Everyone loved the

We would like to thank you for helping us make our wedding day fantastic. You saved the day,
helping us out on such short notice and keeping us on our tight budget. We also want to thank
you for all the advice you gave, considering how much we had to do ourselves in the whole
wedding process.

    Everyone absolutely loved the food!  Our friend is a chef, and said your sliders put their food to
    shame. We had so many compliments, and we loved it too!

    Thank you again very much!
    Eliza and Trevor